Monday, July 31, 2006

Home, Sweet, Home?

Summer is zipping by and I'm still in renovation hell. My house is half packed and trashed. No one is motivated to be concerned about paint on the floor or a spill on the carpet when it's all getting chucked in a couple of weeks. One hopes that their attitudes will change when the new hardwood goes down.

I honestly believe that it's easier to build a new house than to renovate the one you are currently living in. Okay, so you pack stuff where to you put it? A sky hook in the front yard? My basement is full, my garage is full and I still have stuff to get out of my living room/dining room/kitchen so that they can start demolition of the dividing wall. I think we will end up moving the same damn boxes from room to room to room as the contractors finish one area and move to the next. FUN..whooya! (Not!)

On a positive note, I must comment on the fact that my multi-talented husband has once again surprised me. (You figure after twenty years that isn't possible any more.) The man has not had any experience with redecorating or renovations but had no problem laying a sub-floor in our laundry room, painting, touching up trim, cutting and laying ceramic tile and grouting. A very professional job. The man is a wonder. I'm starting to believe there isn't anything he can't do. (And do well, I must admit.)

So, the summer dwindles, the mess will only get worse and I have all of my fingers and toes crossed that all of this is nothing but a bad dream by the end of September. I am SO looking forward to the new kitchen...but honestly, if I had known how much work it was going to be...I probably would have put the damn house on the market and bought a new one. Live and learn.