Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Happy Birthday...

The kid turned 14 yesterday. Words fail me. He's such an amazing kid. He was telling us at dinner last night that his school consists of people who are his friends and people he hasn't met yet. What a cool view of the world. I'm not sure if I was ever that optimistic. Every year that passes has been a new learning experience that has enriched our lives in countless ways and for the first time ever...I almost wish that we had decided to have more children.

Happy Birthday!


One of my best friends also celebrates her birthday on Oct 17th. The good news is that even with my spotty memory...I will probably never forget her birthday. My thanks to her for being a part of our family's lives.

Happy Birthday to you too babe!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Kitchen Update...

My kitchen has been delayed for...wait for it...six weeks. The cupboards were incorrect sizes, styles or just plain missing from the order. We have reordered all of the missing / wrong items and it will be a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks to get the right cupboards.

My old kitchen is half out and the new one is about a third in. Neither one of them functions to any degree. The hardwood can't be laid until the old kitchen is completely ripped out. The new kitchen has no counters or sink or running water or oven or stove. So the old one can't come out until the new one functions. So, no hardwood can be laid, the granite counters can't go in until the cupboards are installed. Are you getting the picture?

In the mean time I have two burners on my stove and a coffee maker. Oh, and let's not forget the BBQ. I have no furniture in the first floor of my house except for beds to sleep in. I am storing 60 cases of hardwood and all of my new appliances, which can't be installed, in my basement. The ceiling in my rec room in the basement has been ripped out to accommodate the plumbing and electrical. Which can't be fixed until the sink and dishwasher are installed and functioning. So the basement is also space that is inhabitable. My frustration level and stress levels are in the stratosphere.

So, if you care for me at all...please don't ask how my renovation is going.