Friday, August 11, 2006

Out of my Mind...

Who the hell, in their right mind, decides to go on vacation for two weeks, camping, while contractors rip their house apart?

Me, I guess...and actually,I am having serious doubts about my sanity. I have been packing and purging my house and taking the kid to camp every day. Euge started his new job this week and proceeded to put in fifty-eight hours in five days. He's also working from four in the afternoon until four in the I haven't actually seen him awake since Monday.

Work has been a bear. Just trying to get everything done so that you can go on vacation is incredibly stressful. And don't even talk to me about the pile of work that will greet me on my return. Why do we even bother with vacation when it requires so much prep work and then a mountain of stuff to catch up on when you get back?

Then again... the thought of sunshine, martinis, lazy mornings and birds chirping does sound inviting. I guess we need to drive ourselves to the edge of insanity so that we can manage to get a break to reconnect with our sanity. All I can say is that edge is getting way too close for comfort. I just hope that I can hold on until my vacation starts...or they may have to commit me for real.

Tata for now...I'll update you on the demolition and reconstruction of the majority of my house when I get back at the end of the month, hopefully with my sanity once again restored.

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Jules said...

btw..thought you should know that I bloody well miss you.