Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Quick Updates...

My reno is finally starting to look like something. They laid the tile in my kitchen yesterday and will grout it today. I have ceilings and paint has been applied to some walls. The kitchen cupboards will go in once the grout is dry. The granite guy should be by late in the week for final measurements and my counters should go in next week. The appliances will be delivered a week today and the hardwood should go in by mid-week next week. So, apart from the five pounds of drywall dust that I ingest on a daily basis and the fact that for the past two and a half weeks it appeared that a bomb had gone off in my house, things are looking up. ::grin::


Other news: The kid made the cut for his high school soccer team. He is one of only two grade nine students to make the team. There were thirty-five kids that tried out over a period of five days. They only took eighteen. Suffice it to say that his mother is proud.

His first game is today at one of the other local high schools. His coach demands that they all wear a dress shirt and tie on game day. Seeing him dressed up this morning was the highlight of my day. But it revealed the fact that both my son and I need to learn to tie a necktie properly. Hubby is working midnights so was unable to bail us out. Thank goodness for his friend down the street who is an Air Cadet. It wasn't pretty but it was better than tying it around his head as a head band. ::hhmmmm:: I better not mention that to the kid...knowing him, he would take great pleasure in wearing it that way just to the see the kind of reaction he might get. After all, he will say, the coach only said he needed to wear one, not where he had to wear one. Anyone want to take bets on how long it takes him to figure out this slant? And lets not forget, no one said that he had to wear pants. What would we do for entertainment if he weren't here?


katitude said...

Yay!!!! you'll have a kitchen again!

Jules said...

Yah!! WE'LL have a kitchen again :)

As for the kid..please..he's YOUR son, don't encourage what we already know will happen!