Thursday, July 05, 2007


The new job is...amazing.
I'm working with a group of dynamic, self-sufficient dragon slayers. They all believe in what we are doing and are committed to contributing to the success of our agency. It is quite a unique experience.
Most of the staff members are new, like me, and we are creating processes and making stuff up as we move forward. There isn't any blue print to follow. We are one of 14 new government agencies, mandated to transform the health care system in the province of Ontario. No one has done what we are trying to do. We are flying without a net. It is soooooo cool.
Everyone I work with, without exception, is talented, motivated and truly believes that we can change, at least our part of, the world for the better. And they are a lot of fun too.
Today in our weekly staff meeting, one of our senior directors wanted to know what every one's schedule was like at 2:30 PM. She then informed everyone that we were going on a small road trip and attendance was mandatory. We all headed to Dairy Queen for a sundae. You have to love a company that can be silly and managers that say things like "It's my job to ensure that you are having fun. What's fun for you?"
I've been working at the new job for almost two months and it feels like two and a half weeks. It's interesting and it really has been a lot of fun. It doesn't feel like "work". And hey, I get paid too.
Life is good!

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