Monday, May 29, 2006

Deep Thoughts...

I'm currently reading a book by Barbara Coloroso called "Kids are worth it!". One of my Board members, who is a retired principle, recommended it to me. She is the international guru on parenting and the person that educators reference when they talk about teaching children. She started her life as a Franciscan nun so she brings a unique perspective to the subject. She is now married with three children and I'm finding it riveting.

She feels that we should stop teaching our children "what" to think and start teaching them "how"to think. As a parent it makes me pause to consider "what or how am I teaching my child?" and what do "I" believe?

The subject interested me enough, that even with my incredibly busy schedule, I decided to put her book down and start with something that establishes a bit more of a foundation on the subject. So, I have starting researching philosophy. Once I have the basics I plan to pick up where I left off with her book and then carry on with the others she has written. (She has three.)

It's funny how sometimes you reach a point in your life where you start to ask yourself. "Who am I?", "What do I stand for?" and "What do I believe?". If you know me at know that I planned, at one point in my life, on becoming a nun. Maybe that's why her book has struck a chord with me? But it has also got me thinking about my beliefs and organized religion as well.

It is unlikely that I will re-embrace my Roman Catholic upbringing but it makes me want to quantify what I believe and find out if there is an organization or religious order that has similar beliefs. So after building a foundation in general philosophy I plan to move on to philosophy of Eastern and Western Religion.

For those interested in these topics...I'll keep you posted. For those who aren''ve had fair warning.


Jules said...

Well, we're definately at "that stage of life" wherein we begin to revisit the questions we first asked ourselves as teenagers. The irony of this is that as you go through this exploration, so will your teenage son.

Speaking of whom, I can guarantee you that you taught him HOW to think. Sure, he has his moments where he shares your tastes - music comes to mind - but when it comes to deeper topics, he's always been an explorer and seeker - always interesting in the WHY of something.

As is obvious with the massive life changes I have made recently, I've done a great deal of thinking on these subjects - and I'm much happier with my answers than ever before. Of course, this discussion is always best conducted over some nectar of the gods. ::grin::

Martini Goddess said...

I guess, in a way, it was examining what I was teaching my son about "God, the universe and the meaning of life" that prompted me to examine what I believe. How can I provide him with guidance if I'm not standing on any firm ground? I know what I've been taught to think. But that just doesn't cut it anymore.

I've waded through enough of the introduction to philosophy book to appreciate the fact that there are people who see the world in very unique ways. And, while I appreciate their point of view...I still think they're full of shit.

So the quest continues. And there is a very real and open dialogue between the kid and I about the subject. Sometimes, I think that it will only be my search for answers to his questions that will lead me to my own goal.

Makes you wonder who the guide really is.