Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Update on Life Stranger than Fiction...

I guess someone at "Fairyland Retirement Village" had a moment of clarity and decided that maybe it wasn't the best name for the place. It might have been after they heard the rumors circulating in the area that it was either "owned by" or "a place for"(depending on who you talk to) retired gay people. Leave it to a homophobic moment to make someone change their mind about the name of their company. Then they immediately had a brain fart and decided that "Golden Pond Retirement Home" was a much better choice.

One has to ponder whether they have an ounce of original thought in their tiny little minds. Everyone (of an age) remembers the movie "On Golden Pond". But what you need to appreciate about this place is...

a) they do have a pond, but it's completely enclosed by a four foot high chain-link fence. We wouldn't want any of the residents to wander and accidentally drown. The pond is an oval about half the size of a skating rink. (Let's just call it "Mosquito Haven" or "Boggy Oversized Puddle". It does not remind you in any way of the vistas seen in the movie.

b)there is another retirement home in the area called the "Golden Plow" (don't ask me...I don't know what genius came up with that one either) and they do run the risk having people confuse the two.

c)and lastly, I don't know about you, but when I hear the words"Golden Pond" in relation to a residence for the elderly the only image that comes to mind is a large puddle of urine. Sick, insensitive and politically incorrect but none the less true.

Maybe they should call it "Incarcerated Pond" or "Pond View But Don't Touch". I don't know why they couldn't come up with something a little more sensible and appealing like "Fairview Retirement Home". Hey it's not very original... but I still think it's an improvement over anything they have come up with so far.

The only thing I know for sure is that just about anything is better than the original "Fairyland" but the do seem to pushing the envelop to see what they can come up with that is equally atrocious.

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Jules said...

I KNOW I should be suprised...however..having spent way to much of my world in corporate hell, it unfortuantely doesn't.