Thursday, June 29, 2006


We've had a few milestones in the last week. My husband turned forty and strangely enough the earth did not stop spinning. This is a good thing, it means that I may just survive turning forty next year. My son graduated from grade eight and is off to high school in the fall. To make all of this extra special my best friend was visiting from Australia and got to be a part of all of it.

The Mardi Gras Birthday party I threw for my husband's 40th Birthday went well. I'm not sure it was a grand slam but I think he enjoyed himself and I think that everyone that attended did as well. The food was awesome and they served my signature martinis. What could be better?

Note to self, to rethink the music at an event if you expect people to dance and party. I hired a blues / jazz band to play and they were very good. Just not the type of music that people jump up and dance to. It made for great background music and I think that the jazz lovers in the crowd appreciated the accomplished expertise of the band. But the most important thing was that the Birthday Boy (Man, I suppose at forty) enjoyed himself.

This week the kid graduated with stellar marks and received two awards at the graduation ceremony. There he is, thirteen and surrounded by an entire gaggle of girls. I'm not sure if his popularity is due to his extroverted personality or simply due to the fact that, at this age, most of the girls are taller than the boys and at 5'6" he is one of the few that can look them in the eye. Regardless of the cause it is difficult to find him anywhere except in the middle of a female entourage. He's not complaining and due to the fact that he still has the ability to think clearly and logically when surrounded by that much estrogen I'm not complaining yet either. Any day now the hormones will kick in and all logic and common sense will flee my child's brain. Until then I choose to simply enjoy my thoughtful, level-headed, sociable child.

So it's been an eventful's hoping for many more to come, especially if they are all as memorable as these ones were. Thanks to everyone who made the trip to my neck of the woods to be a part of our celebrations.

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