Monday, November 06, 2006

Kitchen Renovation Update...

I have been avoiding the blog lately. The renovation of my kitchen has had me in a blue funk for so long that I decided that I didn't want to burden you with the depressing details. But, alas, progress has finally been made.

A majority of the counters have now been installed. The plumber is due today to hook up my sink and dishwasher. I will finally have running water in my kitchen once again. No more paper plates or washing dishes in the bath tub. Hooray!

The natural gas technician should be coming tomorrow to hook up my stove top and fireplace and to check out my furnace. The roof got shingled. The skylight was replaced. (Not without some drama when they realized that the one they ordered was the wrong size.)

My contractors are off this week to go deer hunting. God, don't you love it when deer hunting takes presidence over finishing a renovation? They should be back on Monday and if all goes well...the hard wood should be finished in the diningroom and hallway, the painting should be finished, the desk area will be installed, the granite counter guy will be back to finish installing the rest of the counters, the light fixtures will be put in place and I can think about moving some of my furniture back in.

And all of this has only taken...about three months. It should have taken six weeks.

The hardwood in the bedrooms will be postponed until later. We will clear and paint each room one at a time and then have the contractor come in for a day to lay the flooring. We have decided to renovate our walkin closet by installing units for storage and god help us, we have already decided to re-do both bathrooms.

We have met with Rona to discuss all of the many, many items that have gone wrong and will negotiate our final payment for all of our cabinets once the kitchen is finished. I have only begun making their lives miserable to compensate for the chaos that we have been forced to live in. I'm not sure if they fully appreciate how calm and reserved I've been to date. Cross your fingers for me and let's hope that all of the delays are now a thing of the past.

The kid will finally get his belated birthday party and if all goes well we plan to hold a house warming party in the first part of December. There will be a gathering of good friends, great food and many martinis. Finally something to really look forward to. Hope to see all of you there.


Jules said...

Well, I'll be at the housewarming party in spirit anyway, instead of sharing the spirits.

I can't believe you're going for more renos (bathrooms, etc.) but I guess now that you're on a roll :)

Love you babe, glad it's finally coming together for you.

Amish Furniture said...

So is it done yet? How does it look? Post some pics for us.
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